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Super Bowl (NFL) Case Study 23:41, VOL. 1.

23:41 Looks at British Sporting fandom in the context of American football; The publication is a visual representation, or abstract view of the relationship, we as British fans have with the Super Bowl. The way in which we consume the game is often the exact opposite of Super Bowl pageantry; the overwhelming display of grandeur contradicts the bleary-eyed, early morning, dimly-lit spectacle witnessed via BBC coverage or an illegal stream. 


The publication has been completed and sent to print within 24 hours. To accompany the publication, the 23:41 rule book details the basics of American football, as well as offering a more comprehensive guide to NFL rules. The rule book can be used alongside the publication to help explain moments throughout the game. 


This publication was made for personal and educational use only. 

32pp, 490mm x 216mm

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